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We very rarely have availability in this program. Spots are limited (see availability below)

We do online coaching responsibly, #heartfocused style, where the goal is sustainable healthy workouts, eating and stress management for the long haul.

Enrollment is open for a limited time, and will close once the program has reached capacity.

Group coaching is a monthly membership billed every 30 days.

Please give us 30 days notice to end your membership or make changes to your schedule. Thank you :)

Training Schedule: Choose the Time That Works Best for You

Recordings are available the same day if you can't attend live sessions.

  • Mondays at 11am Pacific/Noon Mountain/1pm Central/2pm Eastern: beginner/intermediate level, joint friendly workouts using the TRX Straps and light weights

  • Mondays at 4pm Pacific/5pm Mountain/6pm Central/7pm Eastern:

    beginner/intermediate level, joint friendly workouts using the TRX Straps and light weights

You’re here because you know you need a different solution.

Perhaps you’ve experimented with 5, 10, or even 20 diets over the past decade, and you're exhausted from the constant rules, obsession, and thoughts about food. Maybe you've accumulated so much information about nutrition that you feel overwhelmed and afraid of making mistakes every second, causing you to give up and indulge in eating without restraint.

I understand where you're coming from. In 2010, I was in a similar situation. I had a newborn and found myself 80 pounds heavier than my normal health weight, I tried many different diets and even had my doctor prescribe a weight loss drug. I was desperate. I was losing and gaining the same 20-30 pounds. The methods that initially helped me shed weight in my 20s and 30s were no longer effective. My closet contained too many clothes that no longer fit my body, and I felt terrible about it.

Terrified to try anything different, even though clearly the weekly deprive-then-binge cycle I was in was NOT working. Every Monday I’d wake up feeling guilty and shameful for the weekend of overindulging I’d had, and vow to “be good this week!”

I’d try to “tighten up” and “just be stronger” or better: Anne, WHY can’t you stay on this strict workout and nutrition program?? Look at all these people who are seemingly having no issue doing it! You’re so weak, you can’t even go a day without a cheat??!

Shame, blame and anxiety started to fill my days.

Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Well, I had to finally look and the mirror and see that that was me.

As scared as I was, I needed a new solution. I was so stressed and miserable.

So I started doing workouts that felt good on my body and didn't put any undue stress on my body.

I started slowly showing myself kindness in my nutrition plan and learning how to eat intuitively.

I started practicing mindfulness and stress management.

Now 13 years later, I've been practicing my Heart Focused Method consistently, without shame, and teaching other women just like me how they can do it too.

I finally experienced food and exercise freedom. I went from thinking about what I wasn't doing correctly, to being grateful and mindful for what felt good, rather than bad.

And the thing I was terrified of happening--falling back into old habits--did not happen. I found that I could trust myself and have control over how I treated my body.

This is why I created #theheartfocusedmethod, to help women like me take control of their health and mindset and experience the empowerment of fitness and food freedom.

Anne Parker

The Heart Focused Method, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified HeartMath™ Trainer and TRX Senior Course Instructor

How Heart Focused Method Coaching Works

Upon enrollment, you'll complete a quickie assessment and within a couple of days, your coach, Anne will be reaching out to welcome you begin the coaching process.

Communication will be dictated by your coach (I.e. email, messenger, text, etc.).

Your coaching will include:

  • Group Personal Training Sessions with Anne Parker. This is where you and Anne will workout together with a small group of like minded people using the TRX Straps and weights.

  • Weekly Heartmath™ Workshops with Anne. In January we will focus on intuitive eating, stress management and building resilience.

  • Weekly workout plan for the days you aren't working with your trainer. You'll learn the weeks movements in your group sessions and follow the on demand workout on video which is available in our training app where you will have your own customized program for the entire month.

  • A set of Suspension Training Straps to use for your home workouts (Retail value $175)

  • A personalized nutrition program and ongoing support to help you integrate intuitive eating into your life.

  • Ongoing communication with Anne to make sure things are going well, and if they aren't, not to be hard on you (lol) but instead to troubleshoot something that will work better. <--THIS is why I'm a huge fan of accountability coaching because honestly, if something isn't working, we change it in real-time!

  • Access to the Heart Focused Method coaching materials, which include an initial assessment, worksheets to complete, trackers, and a video course for implementing the TRX workouts and practices Anne is going to teach you -- each week, Anne will be introducing a new mindset coaching concept, and helping lower the barrier of entry for you so that you can actually do it.

  • Regular check-ins, accountability and habit tracking on how you're doing with the new behaviors and troubleshooting if needed. This program is the OPPOSITE of a rigid workout routine, meal plan or strict food list. Anne will be providing ideas, inspiration, and most importantly, the tactical tools to make sure you can actually do this and are successful.

Hi, I'm Anne Parker, NASM-CPT

Creator of The Heart Focused Method

After doing extreme, obsessive dieting and working out for a decade, I decided I wanted how to figure out how to eat normally, healthfully, forever.

After following dozens of restrictive diets and hard core workout programs. I was dealing with injuries and gaining the same 20-30 lbs multiple times within a year for a decade, I didn't know how to do anything else.

But after getting to the point of complete misery where thinking about my health felt like a FULL-TIME JOB, I knew I needed to change something.

Over the course of 2 years, I slowly started breaking the food obsession and over training cycle and started to even out the all-or-nothing mindset I'd had for most of my life.

The Heart Focused Method curriculum came out of my own journey and then subsequently helping hundreds of women overcome their over training (or lack of training), and drop their food obsession for good so they can enjoy their lives, stress- and shame-free, via our flagship program The Heart Focused Method, which launched in April 2021.

Now I'm inviting you to join me in taking this trusting leap!

It's a proven system, so this should be an easy YES if you're struggling to find balance, and sustainability and want to finally quit chronic the shame and blame game for good.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I be working directly with Anne?

    Yes, Anne is responsible for all of the coaching in the Heart Focused Method Program. Upon enrollment, you'll receive a quick survey to complete and Anne will use the information you provide to get you started with your program.

  • What if I have a specific goal?

    This coaching program is designed to be as customized to your unique goals, as you and your coach (Anne Parker) will be working together to heal your relationship with food and fitness, getting your eating and workout automated, easy, mindful, and sustainably healthy FIRST before working on fat loss or any other physique goal.

    In regard to nutrition, I feel it's irresponsible coaching to just put clients into a caloric deficit to lose weight without giving them the tools, strategies, and MINDFULNESS tools to do things sustainably.

    The Heart Focused Method is a food and fitness relationship program, and after those things are taken care of, working to lose fat and/or change the physique is possible. In fact, this is the ONLY way to sustainably lose fat or change the shape of the body.

  • Will I lose weight doing this?

    The Heart Focused Method coaching program is designed first and foremost to help you quit shaming yourself around food and fitness. The goal is to automate your eating and workouts, make mindfulness a habit and create a solid foundation on which we can change things up for various goals if needed.

    That being said, once you start balancing your nervous system with our simple breath work and mindfulness coaching, many clients find that they do end up losing weight naturally as a result of these practices. BUT we never start with that because when we start with "weight loss" we end up doing dieting behaviors and become unhealthy again.

    The Heart Focused Method takes a high level view of eating and exercise and body composition results will vary, of course.

  • How do I know this will work for me?

    This is my favorite question!

    If you're like most people, you've tried dozens of diets and fitness programs, and so I recognize you are here and are hopeful, you also have a big suitcase of failed attempts you're carrying around as baggage and you don't want to waste anymore time or energy on things that won't pan out for you.

    I GET IT.

    Which is why, my guarantee is that IF you show up to your (short) weekly Zoom sessions with Anne, do your best to implement the simple tools for that week, and communicate with Anne about how it's going (good, not good, there's no "right way" to do this), you WILL be successful.

    We've had over 125 clients go through the Heart Focused Method over the last 3 years, we KNOW it works, AND my accountability coaching is the EASIEST program to guarantee results because if something is not working for you, you have me in your back pocket to communicate with in real time, and troubleshoot on the fly to find something that WILL work for you. There's no failing, there's only learning what will work for you, and what won't, and your coach will be with you every step of the way of that process.

    This system is fail-proof, so long as you have the courage to show up, be honest and stay resourceful.

    I can't WAIT to hear about your incredible experience!

  • Will I have to spend money on special food, supplements or buy workout equipment for my home workouts?

    Nope, this program is designed to help you use the incorporate the foods you already eat into a mindful and satisfying eating approach that you can do forever. If you have questions about supplements, we can definitely talk about them, but we'll never require you to buy any supplement or any special food. As far as workouts, we send you a set of your own TRX Suspension Training Straps for your at-home workouts. The only other things you may need are a few dumbbells and yoga mat.

  • How much time will this take each week?

    The Heart Focused Method is not like other programs where you get a pre-designed workout plan, a meal plan, and food lists and need a whole bunch of time to plan and prep. And that is typically disorienting for people who are recovering perfectionists (like I was). But, I've run this program live many times now, and every time, the clients are pleasantly surprised that while the mindfulness and moderation practices are new and need practice, the amount of time and mental energy they spend on the whole is much less. The whole point of this curriculum is to focus on short workouts, mindfulness and simple nutrition, so you'll actually get A LOT of time back!

    But, the actual time spent working out and prepping your meals will be about 60-90 minutes per week.

  • Will you be running this again? If so, when?

    We're planning on opening up Heart Focused Method Coaching only 2-3x/year and even then, only for a handful of clients.

    The best time to start practicing this way of working out and eating was 10 years ago. The best best time is now. Don't wait one more second to start implementing these strategies. You can literally start anytime, not just on Monday. It's perfectly fine and GOOD to begin today! And enrolling in this coaching program will ensure you have a caring coach and a community to hold you accountable and help you troubleshoot on the fly when you're struggling or needed adjustments.

    This small group coaching opportunity is designed to help you finally make this change a forever-lifestyle one. Work you NEVER have to do again.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Obviously I don't ever want someone to follow through on something they don't find valuable. But, with that said, I can guarantee that if you show up consistently with your coach, implement the lessons, YOU WILL experience massive results. But if you do all those things and in the first 30 days you feel it's not for you, then we'll be happy to stop payments. Unfortunately because you will be working directly with Anne, and she will be taking time to design your program, we won't be able to refund the first month.

Ready to Get Started?

Join the Heart Focused Fitness for Small Group Personal Training Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset Coaching Program

We very rarely have availability in this program. Spots are limited (see availability below)

We do online coaching responsibly, #heartfocused style, where the goal is sustainable healthy workouts, eating and stress management for the long haul.

Enrollment is open for a limited time, and will close once the program has reached capacity.

Group coaching is a monthly membership billed every 30 days.

Please give us 30 days notice to end your membership or make changes to your schedule. Thank you!