Welcome to Life Coaching with Anne, where traditional life coaching seamlessly blends with the cutting-edge HeartMath tools to empower you on your transformative journey. My holistic approach goes beyond conventional coaching methods, focusing on stress management, career exploration, relationship building, and achieving health goals.

🌟 Stress Management with HeartMath Tools: My program uniquely integrates HeartMath techniques, harnessing the power of heart coherence to regulate stress levels. Through scientifically proven methods, clients learn to navigate life's challenges with resilience and emotional balance.

💼 Discover Your True Career Calling: Uncover your passion and purpose with personalized career exploration sessions. I'll guide you through self-discovery exercises, helping identify your strengths, values, and interests. By aligning your career path with your authentic self, you pave the way for a fulfilling professional journey.

🤝 Build Meaningful Relationships: Cultivate and nurture meaningful connections in both personal and professional spheres. Our coaching sessions delve into effective communication, emotional intelligence, and relationship-building strategies. Learn to foster connections that bring joy, fulfillment, and support to your life.

🏋️‍♂️ Reach Your Health Goals: Achieving optimal well-being is a cornerstone of this program. We collaborate on setting realistic health goals, whether they involve fitness, nutrition, or overall lifestyle improvements. Together, we create a roadmap to enhance your physical and mental well-being.

🌈 Holistic Transformation: Our life coaching program goes beyond the surface, facilitating holistic transformation. By combining traditional coaching principles with HeartMath tools, we empower you to lead a life that aligns with your deepest aspirations, values, and heart-centered goals.

Unleash your potential, navigate life's challenges with grace, and embrace a future brimming with purpose and joy. Are you ready to transform your life? Let's start this empowering journey together!

Anne Parker, Certified HeartMath Trainer and Life Coach

What is Heartmath?

Is your life battery running on empty?

  • What would your life be like if …

  • You had more energy throughout the day?

  • You intuitively knew how to respond to change and challenge?

  • When out of sync, you could reset yourself just like you reset your computer.

  • Your communications were clear, rich, and fulfilling?

Based on more than 20 years of HeartMath’s published, peer-reviewed research on the science of resilience, The Resilience Advantage program provides a powerful skillset and engaging technology to prepare you to thrive in a world of flux, challenge and opportunity. This best-in-class program is used by the US Navy, hospital systems and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.


Increased situational awareness in relationships, meetings, and projects
Enhanced ability to focus, process information and solve problems
Heightened creativity and innovation
Improved ability to maintain healthy habits including nutrition and fitness workouts
Increased ability to handle challenging clients and situations
Increased access to intuition for fast, effective decision-making on complex issues
Increased regenerative sleep
Increased vitality and resilience
Reduced stress, worry, and fatigue
Average 23% decrease in Cortisol and 100% increase in DHEA
Plus, experience real-time feedback through the innovative emWave® or Inner Balance™ technology to monitor and sustain results.

My HeartMath and Life Coaching Story ...

Two years ago a dear friend introduced me to the practice of HeartMath. At the time I understood the benefits of mindfulness and meditation practice, but I found it difficult to focus my energy in a way where I was truly experiencing the health benefits of meditation, I felt unsuccessful because I wasn’t able to sit and think about … nothing.  My mind would run wild.

As I started to learn and apply the HeartMath tools to my daily life I literally felt my physical, mental, and emotional systems come into coherent alignment, and I truly began to experience increased access to my heart’s intuitive guidance.

It was an incredible feeling! As I started to deepen my HeartMath practice I learned that tuning into your heart’s wisdom creates a profound shift within that helps you approach situations with more emotional balance, compassion, clarity, and personal confidence.

Now, I am a passionate ambassador for this simple practice that is used by school systems, the US Navy, hospital systems, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

I would be honored to speak to your group or organization about the benefits of HeartMath and building personal resilience.  Please click the button below to book a call and we can discuss how I can help you and your organization. 

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